Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Presents from afar

I have been meaning to post this since I received this wonderful package in the mail the EXACT same day as our 2nd OB appointment but I have been so busy so I'm just now posting this wonderful feeling of thankfulness and gratitude I have for Kecia and her family.
I met this dear friend online through blogger and I will never forget her sweet spirit and love for the Lord she continuously shows and emits from her being. She is usually the first person to comment on any post I have and usually does post on every single one. I have never seen or spoken w/ Kecia face to face or even heard her sweet voice but I have become friends with her even if she does live across the seas from me. She is from Rio grande do Norte, Brazil. She and her mother so kindly leave me the sweetest comments and words of encouragement and make me smile every time I receive a comment from them.
Last week I received this slip in the mail saying I needed to go to the post office to pick up a package and immediately I thought, "Why didn't they just leave it? They always do??" Little could I remember, huge pregnancy side-effect is forgetfulness, that Kecia and her mom told me about a month ago that they would be sending me a relaxation package all the way from Brazil!! Even still when I was at the post office, I could not for the life of me think why I was here and what I was here for. I mean, I hadn't ordered anymore fabrics or ribbons or anything really so what could this be? Even once I got the package I was still confused and then I saw the word, "Brazil" on it and IMMEDIATELY KNEW WHO THIS WAS FROM!
Kecia and her mom sent me the most wonderful smelling soaps all the way from Brazil that are great for relaxation as well as a sweet card, letter and these adorable comic strips. I LOVE IT ALL!! The funny this is that when I got the package, I could not open it immediately because I was driving Josh and myself to Texarkana for our appointment and so after the appointment and dinner I still had not opened it so I asked Josh to and he was in shock that I got something alllllll the way from Brazil and what's hilarious is that Kecia posted little translation post-its to the card and wrote them on the comic strips and we both got confused but after seeing it was not in English, we just laughed and it all made sense! haha... I cherish these things Kecia and mom and infact, I carry the card, letter and comic strips in my purse every day to remind me to pray for you and to remind me of my "family" in Brazil. Thank you Kecia and family for your generosity and wonderful light of God from Brazil!
I don't have a picture of the soaps but just imagine clean laundry, lavendar, and your favorite fabric softener smell all made into one scent and THAT'S WHAT the soaps smell like... mmm... I have a bar on my soap dish by my sink and smell it every night before bed. NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO USE IT...hahah. it's for my smelling pleasure. :) haha...
Below is the cute card:
On the front it says, "everything will be upside down..."
and on the inside it has the little cartoon guy crawling out of the crib and it says, "but you're gonna love it!" it is the sweetest baby card I've received!

Below are the adorable comic strips:

Thank you again Kecia and family for the wonderful relaxation package all the way from Brazil!
Love you
~God Bless

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Kecia said...

We are so happy that you like our little package! We send it with much love and prayers...
I know i've havent been around lately, it is because we've been busy... Everything is really crazy around here!! LOL


God bless you my dear sister!!

P.S: Mom is kinda of a minister, she goes to churches to do bible studies or to preach. And now, every time she preaches about Sarah,she also tell your story! See! Your testimony is blessing all across the continent!!