Friday, December 12, 2008

It is well...

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This week, The Lord has really been at work and speaking to me through tears and through prayer as well as my dreams. We're up against a lot of uncertainty with our church and the direction the Lord has for our church in finding a pastor or interium pastor. A lot of what I thought was certain, was just thoughts. God has spoken through wonderful women of God to me this week and giving me a new hope and a new strength. Uncertainty is not a bad thing. Uncertainty is a faith and trust builder on our part for His will.
The song, "It is well with my soul" has been on my heart a lot lately. I'm not sure If you know the story and reasoning behind this song or not so I thought I'd let one of my favorite artists tell it to you and let you hear the song sung by the Gaither's themselves featuring Guy Penrod and MY FAVORITE, David Phelps. Listen to the words Bill Gaither has to say and then to the words of the song. It brings a whole new meaning when you hear or sing it now.
***Turn off the player at the bottom of the screen before viewing the video***

"It is well... with MY soul..."
~God Bless

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