Tuesday, December 23, 2008

16 weeks today & Dr. Appt update

Today we are 16 weeks pregnant! That means 4 months!! wow!!! For some reason I cannot upload any pictures, something to do w/ using my MAC. I was going to show my weekly fruit/veggie comparison of the size of Baby Kee but I can't get it to work so.... Baby Kee is the size of an Avocado. :)

Also, our dr.'s appt went well! Baby Kee is sooo much bigger and less active as he/she grows so I was instructed to drink a coke so the baby would not be sleeping! haha. It was amazing to see the baby again! Also, I've only gained 3 lbs this month!! yeah!!! That's 4 lbs total so far!! Great!!!!

Ok, so I know you are all like, "Ummmm gender???" Well, Baby Kee is...


haha, had you going??? We could not tell, not even a hint, of the gender b/c he/she kept covering him/herself up with his/her hands and when he/she would move them, he/she immediately pulled the embilical cord between the legs so we could not tell. Haha... the baby has to be a red head as stubborn as he/she is! haha... now we have something to look forward to next visit! We go back January 20th.
Sorry no Girl/Boy news!! Just have to wait!! :)
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
~God Bless

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Kecia said...

Baby Kee is playing with us!! Haha...
Love you in Christ!!