Monday, December 1, 2008

It's Christmas at the Kee's!

Ok, so to prepare you, this is a LONNNGGGGG post w/ all our Christmas decorations we accomplished over the Thanksgiving holiday. We put up 3 full size trees (2 - 6.5' trees and one 7.5' tree) and one 3' tree.
I hope you all had an enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday like we did. We had 10 guests in our home and it was great. We then drove to stay w/ my parents Thanksgiving night so Josh could participate in Black Friday and get all the sales! haha.. overall, it was a great holiday and we had a great time.
I love Christmas because of the wonderful story of the birth of Jesus and the magic of that beautiful story. I also love this time of year because it's our anniversary month. We were married December 11, 2004 and it was the most beautiful ceremony I've ever seen, not just saying that b/c it was ours! haha... We will soon be celebrating our 4 year anniversary and it's soo hard to believe how fast these years have flown by. If you were to tell me 4 years ago that our lives would be as they are now, I would have never believed you. God has blessed us sooo much and to see the growth and journies He's lead us through in just 4 years is amazing! Christmas will be extra special as well as our anniversary this year because it's our last one as just "Josh and Bekah". We are thrilled and can't wait!
I hope you all enjoy this Christmas season and reflect on the blessings He has given you.
Below are all the pictures of our inside decorations. We haven't started decorating outside yet b/c it's been so cold and rainy off and on. Enjoy!!

Our main tree 7/5'all gold ornaments (every ornament on this tree was given to us at our wedding reception):

The Wild Tree in our front guest bedroom (6.5' tree):

Our Bedroom tree(no it's not leaning; all silver ornaments given to us also at our wedding reception):

3' Tree in the "soon-to-be" nursery (my very first tree as a child):

Kitchen Village Collection:

My Tree collection:

Our stockings (velvet w/ rhinestone "K's" on them):

Old World Christmas Wedding Ornament Collection (this was a wedding present from a dear friend):

Nativity scene my mom gave me last year at Christmas:

Guest Bathroom:

Fireplace (the two 4' trees are new; Josh bought these for me this year):

Entertainment center with my tiny village collection:

End tables:

Dining Room Table (I made the two tinsle trees):

Coffee Table w/ my nativity snow globe and figurine collection:

Chirio Cabinet w/ my Department 56 Village collection below:

~God Bless & Merry Christmas~

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Kecia said...

Your house is so beautiful all decorated... We just started to do ours and it is going to take a while to finish up everything!
We love the "christmas look" on your blog! It's cute...

Here is a funny fact: Yours and Josh's anniversary is on december,11 and Momand Dad's is on december,12!! They are celebrating 27 years of marriage... Can you belive that??? Mom was only 17 when she got married... They have this incredible story, mom want me to tell you later... It's really romantic...LOL

Congratulations to the 2 of you... 4 years... Wow!May the Lord bless you and give you a very long and happy life together!