Wednesday, November 26, 2008

We saw God (appt. update)

OMG, yesterday was soooo amazing!! Not only did we get to hear Baby Kee's amazingly strong and healthy heartbeat but we got to play around on the ultrasound machine! It was sooo cool. Our pinto bean does not look like a bean anymore but looks like a baby! He/she is the size of a large plum (exactly 5.76cm big)and at first, Baby Kee was real still and mellow but in a split second, Baby Kee started DANCING!! SERIOUSLY! ALL 4 LIMBS WERE MOVING AND DANCING AROUND! It was hilarious! My dr. got some great shots of Baby Kee on the Ultrasound machine but sorry the pics aren't too clear like they are in person. I took them w/ my phone so I could upload them before we get off work today at noon.
In this one, you can actually see toes and one of his/her hands. Baby Kee immediately spread all 5 fingers out so we could take a picture of them. Almost like Baby Kee was saying, "See mom & dad, I grew fingers!!"

In this picture below, Baby Kee was turning completely away from us w/ his/her back to us and gave us the "talk to the hand" gesture as he/she was using his/her arm to manuvere around.

At this point, Baby Kee was irritated at dr. Tom so he/she gave a mean face (the picture itself vividly shows this aggravated expression; the face is on the right side).

And lastly, this is a picture of Baby Kee's back and tiny little booty (head to rump goes from right to left).

Aren't they cool?! It absolutely shocked us how our baby went from this tiny little baby at 8 weeks

to this in only a month later!!!!

I just keep thinking how we actually SAW GOD YESTERDAY! There is a song that George Strait sings about his daughter that's called "I saw God today" and what's even cooler is that the song played on the radio while we were going around town after our appointment. It was amazing to hear and see this little life grow in such a short time and to see how it is a living baby and not just a little blob like some people say a "fetus" is. I hate that word...IT'S A BABY SO CALL IT THAT! I can't imagine life any sweeter than it is right now!!!
Dr. Tom said by our next visit, which is Dec. 23rd right before Christmas, that I should have or will feel the baby by then! :) yeah! We won't find out what we're having until probably January. OH, and I've only gained 1 pound!! Course, I did lose 5 the first 8 weeks but I've only gained 1 pound from my original weight! He said everything is measuring fine, including my baby bump, which was comforting b/c I feel like a whale. lol..

It is sooo easy to know what I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving and I hope each of you know what you're thankful for and what you give God glory for! Enjoy time w/ your family and friends this Thanksgiving and have a happy one!
~God Bless


Kecia said...

Oh... How happy we are to see Baby Kee!!
How great is our God???
The pacage hasnt arrived yet?? Oh God... I starting to worry.

Kecia said...

You've got the package!! Yeah!! I just read the comment you left..LOL!!
We are so glad you like it!! As soon aspossible we want to send you some more goodies!!
We love you in Christ!!

Mandi said...

Amazing pics!
I love the belly pic, too. (:
And your haircut looks fabulous!