Thursday, November 20, 2008

Revelation Song

The first song my player below plays is, Revelation Song by Gateway Worship. This is my favorite song lately. I love the message of this song and the intimacy of it. I think this is a wonderful praise song to our Lord. I just love every word of this song. I hope you enjoy! I love making it repeat over and over! :)
I'll be posting, if I can remember, our first BELLY PICTURE tomorrow! YEAH! I woke up this morning w/ a VERY prominate baby bump. Haha.. it made me self-conscious at first until I saw Josh's face and his smile over it. This is such a fun journey! God is so good and is blessing us beyond my wildest dreams.

~God Bless


Sunshine said...

I love this song, too! My pastor introduced us to it a couple of months ago and I can listen to it over and over again! There are many days driving to or from work and I can listen to it 10 time in a row and it touches me a different time each time I hear it. I'm glad you have it on your music player....another chance to listen to it!

Kecia said...

Powerful song!! Amazing!
Thank you for sharing!
We cant wait to see the baby bump!!
We love you in Christ!