Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thanks Kecia!

So I received this award some time back from Kecia but kept forgetting and losing time to post it and do what the little awards thingy says. Haha... it seems since being pregnant that I am losing my mind and track of time. I've got so much to sew and do before Christmas and I haven't even started so pray for me! Anyhoo, here I go again off track....ugh...haha..
So,I have to say 7 weird things about me... And choose 7 people to receive the same award. Fun huh?! :) Here goes!
Weird things about me:
1. I enjoy cheese all day every day.
3. I have a certain order I do things every day.
4. I collect bumble bee anything.
5. I bruise really easily.
6. I am TERRIFIED of turkeys (looonnngg story that involved me at 5 or 6 and a turkey attack at the fair...very tramatic. I don't even like to eat turkey. haha)
7. Umm, and I can sleep anytime, anywhere.

Here's the lovely ladies I've chosen to award the "I love your blog" award to:

1. Kecia (b/c she's a true inspiration to me and gave me this award as her #1!)
2. Kelly, Scott and Little Harper - from Kelly's Korner
3. Angie - from Bring the Rain
4. Trav & Steph & baby to be - from Happily Ever After
5. Mandi - from Immeaurably More
6. Meredith
7. Kelly's Korner's Mom - His Doorkeeper

~God Bless


Meredith said...

BEKAH! You are just awesome! ANd I have to say again, I am SO excited for ya'll! So glad baby Kee is on the way! Thanks for my first blog award!!!!! YAY!

Kecia said...

Thank you dear friend!!
We love you so much!
God has ways above our onw, uniting us from so far away!
So yourpacage was sent in 11/13 and will be probably gettimg to yoy in 11/24... I know... to much time!! But that's is the brazilian mail... A turtle!!lol
Love you in Christ!