Monday, November 3, 2008


I FINALLY finished all 24 Scream Team bows for the Christian School here in town! My best friend is their sponsor so she asked me if I would make them hair bows and a pom pom bag, so I agreed and man, do my fingers hurt! I wasn't expecting all of the girls to order at least one bow but they did!! She's already got 10 wanting a pom pom bag too! O M G...haha... It's worth it though! Seeing these little girls in their ADORABLE cheer outfits and matching bows melts my heart!
Here is what the bows look like. I only took one picture b/c all 24 wouldn't fit! haha..
The pom pom bag is my next adventure after the 4 or 5 other orders I have to fill first! OMG... now being pregnant and having all this extra sewing is really starting to wear me out!
~God Bless


Kecia said...

Who told you to be so criative???
Lovely bags!! Hey,i was wondering,how much do you charge to send a bag to Brazil???
Haha... Love you in Christ!!

P.S:You've been tagged!! And i gave you a I LOVE YOUR BLOG Award...Go on my blog to see!

Oh!! I almost forgot,mom wants to send you some Brazilian things... She wantme to ask if you coul give us you adress,so she can send you.She isa big fan of your blog.

Kelly said...


Mandi said...

I'm sure all the girls are so adorable with those pom pom bags and hairbows!

Kecia said...

Haha!!I love so much sister!!!
Hey,we are sending you some bath goodies from Natura, a brazilian company that makes the best bath products that i've ever used!!lol!!
It may take a while to get to you because of all the bureaucracy... you konw!
So here is my e-mail:

And i will let you know a soon as we send it ok??
Mom is sending you a BIG hug!!
Love you in Christ...

Oh! my Adress is:

Kécia Saionara(my name)
Street: Avenida Miguel Castro Nº 1431
Zip code:59075-740
State: Rio Grande do Norte
City: Natal
Country: Brazil

God Bless you!!

Jeff, Lauren, Graham & Miles said...

Hey girl!! Love the bows (but you knew that already! :) )!! The further I get into this preg & chasing a 2 year old, the harder it is to find time and energy to sew! Love ya!