Tuesday, November 25, 2008

12 Weeks, sewing and an appointment!

WE'RE 12 WEEKS ALONG TODAY AND HAVE AN APPOINTMENT!!! :) Baby Kee-Lime-Pinto-Monkey is now, Baby-Kee-Lime-PLUM-Pinto-Monkey! :)

We go today for our 2nd OB appointment at 1:45pm. I'm soo excited b/c we will get to hear the heartbeat and HOPEFULLY get another ultrasound done. My dr. and his family are really close to me and my family and in fact, I grew up w/ his oldest daughter, his wife was my photographer for ALL my wedding pictures and one of my reception pictures, has my dr. IN HIS SCRUBS getting food from my table. LOL... everyone always asks who that is and I ALWAYS tell them, "Oh, that's my OB/GYN." haha... always a conversation piece. lol.. and his wife is supposed to come up to his office when I'm there and she wants to play around on the ultrasound machine b/c she wants to see the baby. She's a nurse so she can do that kind of thing! Anyhoo, another good thing, I get off at noon today! woo hooo! AND, tomorrow we only work till 12:30 and we're off for THANKSGIVING!! YEAH! Today is such a busy wonderful day!

So a friend of mine that I grew up with asked me to make a Sunday Diaper Bag (the first pic; the smaller bag w/o the brown border or monogramming) and the Standard Size Diaper bag w/ the soon-to-be baby's name, Ava on it. I love this print and is in fact, my most popular and my personal favorite! This is the first time I've used this print and color combo for a baby girl. I think they both turned out adorable. I added tiny bows on each side of the Standard Size Diaper bag to give it just a little touch or "girlyness."

I hope you all have a great day in the Lord and I will update ya tomorrow on how the appointment went and HOPEFULLY have more pic's of Baby Kee to show ya!
~God Bless

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Meredith said...

I hope you have a great appt! Also I love that bag you made! I just love all of those cute bags! Happy Thanksgiving!