Thursday, October 30, 2008

Baby Kee at 8 weeks!

We had a wonderful appointment yesterday! Going into yesterday I was a nervous wreck flooded w/ all the "what if's" and "what could happen" and just really doubting God's blessing. However, all that changed when we saw this:
3D ultrasound

WE SAW THE BABY!! Baby Kee is exactly 1.65cm long, about the size of a pinto bean, and is the cutest tiny thing I've ever seen! We also saw the heartbeat flickering! We didn't get to hear it but we saw it! We go back Nov. 25th for our next appointment where my Dr. said we'll hear the heartbeat! I will never forget yesterday. Seeing our baby for the 1st time w/ Josh is a moment I'll cherish forever and seeing him/her move around was insane! I thought I would cry, but all I could do was smile and be in awe. We were also thrilled to know that there is just ONE BABY in there! Haha.. Josh's office was betting on 3! OMG.. no no.... He also checked both of my ovaries and said they looked wonderful. Yesterday was a blessing and I can't stop looking at our little pinto monkey. Oh, he also did a 3d ultrasound and it was AMAZING! I think the baby looks like a monkey on the 3d one! haha.. but adorable!
Thank you all for your many prayers and words of encouragement! This is real now.. no more doubting....
~God Bless


Stacy said...

so cool!!! u'll have to pay and get the 4d one done towards the end..i had one done with w and got some of the most beautiful pics!!! loved getting to see him before he actually entered the world!

Amy Hightower Murphy said...

That's so sweet! Congrats!

Kecia said...

Go Baby Kee!!
We are all amazed!!
Love you in Christ!!

DeAnna said...

This is so sweet!!! How exciting to see your tiny, tiny little baby. :)