Thursday, October 2, 2008

I met with Him last night

Good morning! I've got LOTS to say today so bear with me! :) LOL...
First off, I am personally inviting you all to come to see my creations at MusicFest in El Dorado, Arkansas tomorrow and Saturday! I will be set up in Kids World.This is a HUGE festival that's held every fall that has music, crafts, kids stuff, YOU NAME IT! You can go to for all the details and all the bands that will be playing as well! This is a HUGE 2 day festival and I'm honored to participate in it! This is the second festival I've done but this one is said to out-do any of the surrounding ones in this area. I'm a bit nervous but excited too! Yes, all the items I've pictured this week are for MusicFest so come on out and have some fun this weekend! Hope to see you!

God is soo good...Last night I SAW HIS FACE...GOD revealed ALL OF HIM to me. I am still in awe as i type this. Mammy (my mother-in-law) called me and asked if I wanted to go to church w/ her last night since Josh was working late & Pappy (my father-in-law) got off work late and so I said sure. I thought all day, "Why does she want me to go to church tonight?" I mean, we all go to the same church and she knew I needed to sew and I never go on Wednesday's..blah blah blah... well, GOD KNEW... He wanted me to hear the message. You will be amazed! The message was on Gen. 30:1-24 (read it! TRUST ME! IF YOU KNOW AND HAVE READ MY PREVIOUS POSTS ABOUT US, YOU'LL BE AS SHOCKED AS I AM).
This passage is about Rachel, Leah & Jacob. The points on Bro. Jeremy's outline, which I'm glad I have b/c my jaw is still wide open in disbelief that he actually said all this and I was in a service, and not just a face to face conversation!
Here's what the outline points were:
#1, If you become jealous of someone, you furnish your own misery (vs. 1 as well as Prov. 14:30).
#2, When you act impatiently, you insult (WOW) God's perfect timing (vs.2-3 as well as Luke 21:19).
#3, Desperation will cause you tot make something wrong, "right" in your own eyes (vs.4-13 as well as Judges 21:25).
#4, "Mandrakes"(which are love fruits/fertility food/afrodigiaces(sp?) will NEVER serve as a substitute for your faith (vs.14-16 as well as Romans 14:23).
#5, What you have may attract someone's heart, but it will not change it (vs. 17-21 as well as Proverbs 27:19).
#6, God's plan will come to pass in spite of the bribes against it (vs. 22-24 as well as Jeremiah 29:11).
WOW HUH? OH! AND HE CLOSES WITH THIS STATEMENT THAT BROUGHT ME TO MY KNEES AND ME HYSTERICALLY CRYING & shaking, as well as Mammy, "The very hand you write your name with will one day hold the baby God has for you."
WOW... I'm still crying....
I left in utter shock w/ Mammy as well as she did. She said, "I had no idea... I'm soo sorry." I said, "no no.. I needed this! God wanted me to hear this!" We were leaving and I said, "STOP! I have to talk to Jeremy (the preacher)!!" I went back inside, interrupted him greeting those leaving (which I know feel kinda bad for b/c I just busted up in their way) and hugged him w/ tears down my cheeks and said, "Thank you." He responded with, "Ok...ugh, I don't know what i did, but ok.. Do you wanna talk?" I told him I did and we went into his office and I told him everything and he was in awe and shock and felt kinda bad for the message but I told him I needed it and it was for me! He talked and talked to me and prayed with me and prayed over me for God to open my womb and bless us with a child. He just kept saying, "WOW!" He also said, "I sat here with a lady in our church w/ the same issues/concerns as you and then was amazed when she came in and told me she was pregnant."
It was truly the most remarkable feeling I've ever had with God. He's brought me to Him in His in-most personal way. My heart is full, regardless of what happens! I know our testimony from this is going to be soo remarkable and glorifying to God through it all! Just wanted to share!
~God Bless


Jeff, Lauren, Graham & Miles said...

Good morning!! Just stopping by to see how the Festival went!!! :)

Kecia said...

WOW!!This is our God!He founds ways to show us His power when we can't even imagine!! I am amazed!!Just realy amazed!!
Love you in Christ!

Ali said...

This just shows you have powerful, wonderful, miraculous our God is! I love this message. Thank you for being such an inspiration in my life.

DeAnna said...

Awesome, just Awesome!!