Monday, October 6, 2008

The Festival

Well, the festival is OVER! YEAH! It went extremly well but I'm soo tired now and it's Homecoming week so no rest for the weary!
Here's some pic's from the booth:
Notice my trusty side-kick, Josh! He was the most help! He was selling soo well for me!
My pretty, favorite, vase in the pic broke when the wind blew really hard and knocked it off the table. :(

Overall, it was a success thanks to Josh and my mom's help. I took my sewing machine and all my ribbon/bow making stuff and made more bows than my hands can stand today. I was suprised. Haha... I'm just thankful it's over and that I can get back to my orders that are piled up now!
~God Bless


Jeff, Lauren, Graham & Miles said...

Cute set up!! How did the checkbook covers do? Any orders for the cheer tote??

Kecia said...

What a colorful booth!! Cute... I wish i could be there,i would buy a lot!! Mom wats me to tell you that she thinks that you are the mos criative 25 year old woman she ever saw!LOL...
She thinks you'r amazing!!

crochetdlane said...

What a really nice set up!!! I have always wanted to have a cute festival set up to sell my crochet items! Maybe one day soon! ;) It would be more fun to pair up with another crafty momma! Too bad we don't live closer, huh? ;)