Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentines Day Prep

 This week's Mommy & Me Monday consisted of a very early dr.'s appt for me and Rhett in Texarkana that Josh's parents so graciously drove me and Shelby to. Everything is progression, measuring bigger still, and have gained 14 lbs total.  I start going every week now so my next appt. is monday and we will schedule my csection date then! Can't wait!
As soon as we got home, shelby and I got back in our PJ's. We played all day and "cooked" in her kitchen and just enjoyed the frigid day! 
While we were in Texarkana we bought her Valentines for her class and her supplies to make her Valentines box. She wanted an owl box that the valentines can go in its mouth.  I helped cover the Apple Jacks box and cut the beak out but she did the rest really. I assisted but she did 90% of it and most of the work. It's sooo cute!!

We then wrote her valentines to her classmates and the ones in the other classrooms she wanted to write cards specifically to.  She did SOOOO WELL! I wrote the kids names and she wrote her own.  Each valentine was chosen specifically for each friend.

This is the very first time she's signed her own valentines. :)
her party is thursday and I can't wait! I'm helping out and we made the treat bags last night and will make the cupcakes soon.  This is a super busy week, but this is something I wouldn't miss for the world!

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