Wednesday, February 5, 2014

36 weeks

This week, which I honestly am ready to be over for numerous reasons, has been good and rough at the same time. It's getting harder and harder for me to do ANYTHING it seems and for me who is used to "blowing and going" as my mom would say, it's extremely frustrating.  Being 36 weeks pregnant is no fun and I'm honestly ready to hold Rhett more than ever!  Every part of my body hurts by mid day until I go to bed, which is also an issue. Sleep! There is no such thing really anymore. I can't get comfortable and when I do, it's only briefly.  I am extremely blessed to be pregnant w/ Rhett but I'm exhausted and can't wait to hold him in my arms instead of in my stomach.  I am stretched to my max and my limit physically, emotionally and mentally.  I know... pity party... get out the violins...

I am making it a point to soak up EVERY ASPECT of every moment I have with Shelby.  I'm still having a really hard time letting go of the fact that she's about to be a big sister and no longer my only baby.  I've shed numerous tears this week and it's so hard.  Shelby is my world and to add another little person to that world... I can't wrap my mind around that. I know I will when he's here, but for now, I'm pretending it's still just she in my life as my baby.

Shelby did math at PreK this week and did sooo well! She writes some letters and numbers backwards but I'm still quite proud!!

 We met w/ our best friends this past weekend for our Christmas (we always have to do it later because they have 2 kids and we have something goin on always) and they blessed our SOCK OFF w/ TONS of baby stuff for Rhett that they don't use anymore w/ Mr. Korban. We are truly blessed and so fortunate! When Shelby was born I kept all her stuff and let Ashley borrow when Hadley was born 6 months later, which worked out great cause they were able to use Shelby's stuff and now it's vice versa with Korban and baby Rhett!!
I can't wait to hold you Rhett...

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Ashley Ederington said...

Only a few short weeks! Don't worry!