Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Great Birthday

My birthday was Sunday and had a celebration on Saturday from our family and it was so nice. Josh and Shelby treated me like a queen.  I love that shelby chose my card and cake.  They both had the most beautiful bracelet made for me with my birthstone, shelby's and Rhett's.  My parents came down and gave me a beautiful Phi Mu Alex and Ani bracelet as well as a new sewing machine. Josh's parents came with us and we all went to dinner then back home for cake and ice cream.  I have a hair appointment scheduled for thursday from Josh's parents. :) What a great 31st birthday! Josh wanted to take me to dinner alone friday night but I wasn't feeling well and so we stayed home while shelby was at a friends playing and I had a nice hot bath and Josh and I watched "What to Expect When Expecting" on netflix in our comfies.. what was more appropriate to watch than that! I'm sooooo Mrs. Cooper in that movie and NOT the super model one!

Shelby said I needed a horse cake w/ a Daddy Horse, Mommy Horse and Shelby Horse because I love to feed the horses at SAU with her and Josh.  She also chose my chihuahua card. :)

My little helper...

beautiful bracelet Josh and Shelby had made for me. the cluster stoned circles are magnetic and one on the left is shelby's birthstone, the center is mine and the right is Rhett's.
My Alex and Ani bracelet from mom and dad.. I love my Alex & Ani  bracelets!

We got a light dusting of snow Friday in MAGNOLIA!! It only lasted maybe 10 ours, not even enough for Shelby to play in it but it did snow...
Last week was a great week, even though Josh was gone all week on business. Shelby and I had special days I'm gonna cherish forever! She's growing so fast and is such a sweet, kind, little jewel.

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