Wednesday, February 19, 2014

38 weeks

well... i'm now 38 weeks w/ Rhett....and miserable! I'd like to say this pregnancy has been amazing, I've loved being pregnant, I'm just glowing, I'm not ready for him to come, and all that jazz... but I CAN'T... I am ready for him to be in my arms and OUT OF MY BODY... The pain is unbearable and there's no way to get comfortable.  I went to the dr. yesterday for my weekly visit and nothing has changed. Rhett is still taking over my entire body, no dilation, no weight gain (only 14 lbs total!) and just hanging out.  We did schedule and "eviction notice" though! I'm due March 9th and we will do a scheduled C-section March 7th if nothing happens before then, which I highly doubt anything will happen.  I"m sooo ready to meet Rhett and hold him!!
We had a baby shower given to us by our co-workers and friends Friday on Valentines Day and it was sooo wonderful! We got a lot of cute items and the food was excellent! Shelby was SUCH A BIG HELPER! She opened every gift and oo'd and aahh'd over it all! The decor was fabulous and I'M IN LOVE w/ our hospital door wreath that our dear friend, Jenn, made!
Once I get the pictures back, I will post all of them. For now, this is what I have:
one of my co-workers made camo deer cupcakes! the insides were camo print cake!! Oh soo yummy

diaper cake Jenn made!

hospital door wreath! the chalkboard will be filled in on his birthday!

entry table w/ homemade blanket Miss Vona made

our gifts!

gift table decor and sweet Sheebs!

the cake was camo too w/ orange baby booties on top!
It was such a great day and so kind and thoughtful of our co-workers, friends and family to celebrate Rhett's SOON arrival with us! We are truly blessed!

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