Wednesday, May 20, 2009

37 weeks Pics

Ok, so here are the belly pics I promised I'd take last night. These are at 37 weeks, yesterday. I apologize for the facial expressions. I was tired but these 2 pics are a great description of how I feel, unknowingly "expressed" this...haha.. I knew I needed to take a pic just in case something happens so they're better than nothin!! We go today at 4pm to the dr.! I PRAY for some progress!! I may cry if there's not any. haha.. Last night "Miss Thang" was like a Chinese Acrobat in there and Josh just laughed b/c it looked like she was having a dance party in there. haha... it's still amazing to me but now when it happens (when she moves), it really hurts...but it's all worth it and we are so close!!

Also, my in-laws put together & delivered the rocker/glider & otoman my grandpa got us last night!! Here's a pic of it, not where it'll go and I apologize for the mess, I'm in the "bag-packing-process" right now..haha..

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Kecia said...

Oh my God!!!

You are so pretty withyour "baby bump"!!

We are praying!!!

God bless you!