Thursday, May 21, 2009

37 week Appt. Update

So our appointment yesterday was really short and sweet! haha... Weight is great (only 2 lbs of fluid this time instead of 4 so i've not gained), blood pressure is great, belly's measuring about 39" (which is about 2" bigger than my progress; i'm 37 weeks so an exact, perfect size belly would be 37"; but doc said is fine and great :) ), Shelby's heartbeat is strong and great, she's measuring about 6 lbs 7 to 9 oz, and no progress... I've got so progress or dialation or anything. He said there's about a 10% chance he might see me before my next appt. on Tuesday but other than that, he'll see me Tuesday when I'll be considered...
WOW, that's hard to believe! I think I'm ready. I know I'm ready to be comfortable again and have my body back HOPEFULLY close to what it was but I don't know if I'm ready to have her and be a good mommy for her. That's a lot to take in but honestly, who is ever ready for this?? God is preparing us and with Him, we'll be great parents and we'll be ok. :)
OH, and we took a tour of the hospital's Labor and Delivery Unit (Wadley Regional Medical Center in Texarkana, Texas) and it was GORGEOUS! I feel sooo much better and at ease now seeing where I'll be. The rooms were huge and it's a one-stop-shop (I'll deliver and recover in the same room/bed!)! We were VERY impressed and it looks just as good as St. Michael's rooms, which is what I was concerned about b/c after the horror of seeing our hospitals rooms here in town, I was getting very sceptical...I am proud that we'll deliver our baby in THE SAME hospital & have our angel in the same nursery as me and my brother.

OMG, I'm sooo excited that Kris Allen won American Idol!!! :) He's from Conway, Arkansas, which is just a hop, skip & jump from here! I think he was a lot more versitile and could sing any song where Adam was just rock. He reminded me THE WHOLE season of someone who would be a good fit w/ KISS and low and behold, who did he perform with last night as his "celebrity"? KISS...haha.. anyhoo.. he kinda scared me too with the make-up and crazy-lookin eyes he'd make when he sang. He was and is a good artist but to me, not very well-rounded. Kris, OMG, he is so humble and seems like someone you could walk up to and he'd give you the shirt off his back. If I'm not mistaken, I also think he is/was a music leader/ worship leader at his church. I am thrilled for him and his family! What a great representative of Arkansas and Christ's Kingdom!
Congrats Kris!!
~God bless,

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Kecia said...

The final will air here on saturday...So thank you for the news!! I was kinda curious to know who won! Hehe...