Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wow...37 weeks today!!

So I KNEW IT! I KNEW I HAD A WATERMELON UNDER MY SHIRT!! Haha... It truly does look like that's what's happened! I NEED to take a belly pic... I KNOW...I KNOW...before it's too late too.. I'll jump on that tonight, hopefully! It's been a busy few weeks..give me a break! haha... but wow! 37 weeks pregnant today! O M G... this means that Shelby is officially a full-term baby and BOY O BOY do I feel that. Geese...this child is a mover and a shaker (gets it from her daddy, haha)! I am experiencing A LOT of discomfort now and crying occurs quite often because of that so PLEASE pray for Josh and his patience and nerves. I know I'm shooting them all to pot w/ my insanity these days. My back feels like a rod is being shoved in my spine 24/7, my legs throb and cramp up constantly, I can't stand or sit for a lengthy period of time w/o feeling like I'm gonna pass out, I waddle like the AFLAC duck, and I'm having intense Braxton Hicks contractions on top of Shelby still thinking my bladder is a trampoline or one of those fun bouncy-moon-walk things. I am officially to the stage where I am ready for her to be here. Never thought I'd say that outloud, but I am. I cannot bear this constant pain and discomfort 24/7 any longer and the hotter it gets the worse the pain becomes. I am ready to hold her and love on her! Who knows...we may have an early baby! My boss and several others seem to think we'll have her this holiday weekend! haha.. Fine by me; not too sure if Josh is though! haha...He gets this ghostly-white-panic look on his face when I say that. haah... I think we're gonna try to get away this holiday weekend but our only options are: camp here in town at our lake (Lake Columbia), camp in-town in Texarkana, stay in a nice room in Texarkana, or stay home. That's it... considering I'll deliver in Texarkana and we don't think traveling any where else would be wise. We will be taking all the baby stuff though just in case. OMG, it's amazing to think that she actually could come soon! :) hee hee.. I don't know if she'll come as soon as this weekend but we'll see! :)
~God bless

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