Wednesday, May 27, 2009

38 weeks, Woo & Boo Hoo

So as of yesterday we are considered FULL TERM! Yeah!! 38 weeks down and HOPEFULLY a few days left and not weeks...Our actual due date isn't until June 9th but I'm hoping Shelby decides to show earlier.
We had our weekly dr.'s appointment yesterday and all is well, WOO HOO! She is now head-down (Praise the Lord and Thank You for answering that prayer!), still extremely active 24/7, heart beat is great (she had the hiccups when doc was doin the doppler....haha), my vitals are great (whheewww!) and she's dropped (thanks for the new stretch marks on my lower belly Shelby. Haven't had these before and last week they just popped up and she dropped down so now I feel like I've got a cantalope between my legs so the "waddle" is in full-force now). The "Boo Hoo" is, I'm STILL not dialated AT ALL... So, the goal now is to walk, walk, walk and do anything else ANY OF YOU suggest to at least get the ball rolling. I even ate mexican food last night and I HATE mexican food! Still nothing... I am having more intense Braxton Hicks contractions and her kicks, jabs and stretches now hurt a lot more but still no progress. We go back Tuesday for our next visit. I think we may take the camper and go relax, just us, this weekend even if it is in-town at our lake or close-by.
OH, I almost forgot! I will be officially on "Maternity Leave" from work, my full-time job, 5:31pm TOMORROW (Thursday, May 28)!!!! I'll be off until August 17th! :) I'm soooo excited and hope to get at least a couple days of rest and time to organize my house more before Shelby arrives but if not and she comes, so be it! I am not stopping it!
Oh, one more thing, I also finished Shelby's diaper bag, but my camera is packed and I forgot to download the pics so I'll TRY to do that this week sometime. IT IS GORGEOUS and unlike ANYTHING I've done and my Mammy (Mother-in-law) thinks I'll have a HIGH demand for these when I start taking orders again. haha... oh boy! Our bags are packed (95%), the carseat is in the Tahoe, the baby clothes/stuff is washed and we are READY TO GO.... now only if Shelby was ready! haha...
~God bless,


jill said...

bless your heart! (and hips!) the waiting at the end is definitely the worst part. being nervous and anxious for the few days before she came was a lot worse than actually having her in my case (probably because i'm such a nut job and kept having anxiety attacks. ha!). hope she decides to come soon!!!!!

Meredith said...

Oh I know you are so ready for the big day to come! Know I am thinking of you! Also I got the idea of the fruit carriage from your blog,of course! I just had to try it! :)