Friday, May 1, 2009

Sooo blessed

that is all I can say... we truly are so blessed... our last and final shower for Shelby was amazing yesterday here at work. So many of our co-workers pitched in to help make it amazing and were so generous in their gifts and thoughtfulness to us and our little girl. She is so loved already it's unreal!
We received lots of things we need, lots of cute little pink and brown outfits, our highchair that matches her set and MUCH MUCH more... I think this was the all-time favorite gift:

They are little crib shoes that look (don't function) like high heels!! OMG!! Yes, I did register for these. haha... Josh didn't know that b/c he didn't go w/ me to the boutique these came from, but O M G... are they not the CUTEST thing you've EVER seen? When she grows out of them, they are SOOOO goin in a shadow box as "Shelby's first Heels" :) haha... just like her momma...startin her out early on jewelry and shoes!
I'll upload pics from the rest of the shower when I get them!
Have a blessed weekend and God bless all of you!

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Kecia said...

Cuuute... Her first heels!So adorable... So pink!!Ha!
We love it!!