Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shelby's outfit!

So i finished Shelby's 1st outfit made by her momma, ME! It's the ruffle-dress I did and posted earlier this week but it's modified a bit. Of course the size is smaller (0-3mon) and i also added more ruffles, a double ruffle on the pink layer THAT I DID ALL BY HAND, different smaller ribbon ties and did the M2M ("made to match") bow different as well. Girl needed some feathers!! haha...I've got to go have my monogrammer put her name on it and it will be complete! i think i'm gonna get "Shelby" in a real funky font or should I just have s K l (her initials) done???
The ruffles stop at the side seams (do not go around the back) b/c it's already heavy and carrying her in this will be more comfy for her w/o all that business goin on on the back if she's anything like her daddy, she'll have enough "back" goin on..."baby LITERALLY may have back!" haha.. (big booty in case you're wondering what i'm referrin too..haha)... here's the pics.. this was done, total time off and on, in about 4 hours. I added the bow to a headband I already have but it is removable. OH, i added the pink w/ green dot ribbon as a "little extra somethin" under the first ruffle, actually to hide the edges of the big dot ruffle, but it's a cute "hidden surprise"! Hope u can see it.... this was so fun!

I just LOVE IT!! :) I can't wait to see her in it!
Well, today, our co-workers are hosting us a shower here at the university (which by "co-workers" i mean, pretty much EVERYONE here on-campus that we know and love). We are soo excited! It's from 4-6pm and I hope to get good pics to show y'all tomorrow or this weekend! This is our last shower for Miss Shelby so it will be soo relaxing and fun to just sit back and enjoy! This is the first one though that Josh has gone to. He didn't want to go to the others b/c he said they'd be "too girly". haha.. well, this one he really has no choice b/c it's hosted in HIS building downstairs from his office in what used to be the president's house but is now the "welcome center" so he can't avoid this one! haha.. i hate to tell him though, it's gonna be girly too! haha....
~God bless,

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Kecia said...

Cute outfit!!
We love it!