Wednesday, April 22, 2009

**UPDATE***on the Sandifers...

Katie and Whitney Sandifer (Lilly Claire's parents) are having a memorial service for Lilly Claire at 2pm on Friday at Wyatt Baptist Church in El Dorado. (It’s right as you are coming into Eldo from Magnolia.)

Katie is still in the hospital in El Dorado, but last we heard, we think they are talking about releasing her today.

Katie is still in the hospital in El Dorado because her blood pressure will not go down. They were hoping she would go home today but they are keeping her because of the blood pressure. They are going to try some different meds and maybe she will go home tomorrow. Thanks Sue for the update info.

Please continue to pray for strength and God's immense love to surround them.


Sue W said...

just heard from my cousin, also members at wyattand friends of whit and katie, and she saw on twitter that katie's bp is still high and they are going to try some different meds. maybe going home tomorrow.

Susan Glass Walsworth

Kecia said...

Oh God! We are praying for her!

The Thornton Family said...

I just read the comment you left on Greg's (Luke's) Blog. i don't usually read the other comments, but when I saw the long comment, I was curious.
i am so sorry to hear of your friend's loss. I have never felt that pain, but I have two children of my own. The first I had @ age 17 and the 2nd just 15 mos ago - after 5 mos of fertility drugs. So i do feel YOUR pain there.
i can only imagine how this loss your friend has suffered can make what should be a happy time for you, hard.
i will be praying for you and your friends as you go through this season.

Stacey in Missippi
(BTW - I know I spelled it wrong, but that's how we say it in the south, rihgt? ;))