Friday, April 17, 2009

Dr.'s Appt. Update & NEW PICS!

Well, yesterday I woke up cranky just like our dog, Dee Dee did as well(I don't think he slept very well, haha). I guess I was cranky because we had to get up the same time we usually do, 6 a.m., because my appt. was at 9:15 a.m. and the drive is an hour and we needed to go to Home Depot before. :) So... anyhoo, here's the update:
~Re-took my glucose test and drank the nasty sweet stuff (I"m not a sweets person so it was really nasty again to me but I know it is for everyone...haha)
~Blood Pressure taken
all the general stuff...
Doc came in and... YEAH YEAH YEAH!! I ONLY GAINED 1 POUND!! He was very happy w/ me! WOO HOO #1..... THEN, he says, no dialation or anything, WOO HOO #2.... THEN, he says, "Hey, Paula (his wife who's like my 2nd momma, "Mamms") said you mentioned wanting to try to see Shelby's face. You want to try?" OMG YEAH!! THAT MEANT an ULTRASOUND!! WOO HOO #3... So THEN we're waiting for my beeper to go off from my glucose test so I can have my finger pricked to get my results and... WOO HOO I PASSED!! 121!!! Last time I was 140 and he wants LESS THAN 140 and the only thing I did different this time was eat a banana for breakfast and last time I ate nothing! WOO HOO #4.. then.... Here's our WOO HOO # 5 that is actually the best of all...

Isn't technology amazing!? My dr. said this machine is 5+ years old and is amazed to see what the new ones do. Isn't she gorgeous? She has Josh's lips. She weighs 4 lbs, which I weighed 4 lbs 8 oz. (I think that's right on the oz part) when I was born but I was a month early, she is no longer head down but is cross-ways, but will HOPEFULLY turn, he says, and is just perfect. She's a beautiful baby!

Here's some nursery pics too from our weekend of work I promised I'd post when I got my camera back:

The wall vinyl and plaque above the tutu bow holder are beautifully made by Shelley of Wonderfully Wordy. Didn't she do a great job?
The "S" painting I painted yesterday and once it's framed it's going to go on one side of Shelby's window.
The closet clothes are mainly from Josh's cousin, Melissa, who lives in Chicago. She sent us all her 0-3 month and some 6 month clothes and will send the biggers ones once we're done w/ these! We are so blessed!!
I know her armoire/changing table will change again once our showers are over. We have our main shower from our church THIS SUNDAY and we are soooo excited!! I'll post pics when I can!
~God bless,


The Smith Family said...

OMG!! Everything looks great! You guys have been working REALLY hard! It's so fun to see the pictures of Shelby! She is so beautiful already! I love it!
Can't wait to see her in real life. You guys are going to love having a sweet baby in the house!

MELISSA said...

I love that you got to see Shelby's face! What a cutie!!!

Kecia said...

OMG!! What a cute face!! We are just amazed!!

His Doorkeeper said...

Hi Bekah!

Just wanted to see how you are doing...time is getting closer! I love the sonograms....just the most wonderful invention to actually see your baby!

Your nursery is darling...especially the wording"For this child I prayed......" above her bed. So very sweet!

Take care and I will pray for a very healthy baby!