Monday, April 20, 2009

We are soo blessed...

I ask that you fervently pray for some dear friends of ours. They're names are Katie and Whitney(husband). At my church shower yesterday one of our BFF's asked if I had heard about Katie and I said, "no, how is she?" She was pregnant w/ a little girl, Lilly Claire, and wasn't due until July and my BFF said, "she had her baby..." my mouth dropped... Katie wasn't due until July. She had the baby at 26 weeks. She also said that they thought she had a brain-bleed. The baby was flown to Children's in Little Rock after she was born and Katie remains in El Dorado. They had to take the baby because of pre-eclampsia and her blood pressure hasn’t gone down yet.
Lilly Claire went to Heaven last night around 8:47pm. Katie is still in the hospital in El Dorado… Angel One (the helicopter) flew Whit and baby Lilly Claire back to El Dorado so that Katie could spend some time with her.
I felt compelled in church last night to pray for them even more than I already was and woke up this morning w/ the same conviction. I did not find out the news of Lilly Claire's passing until I got to work this morning and Ashley, my BFF, had emailed me. Please pray for this family. This is their first child and we just saw them a few weeks ago and all was fine, just like w/ us. This makes me feel so blessed and guilty for the post I was going to post this a.m. about how exciting our shower was at church yesterday. So, I'll keep the "exciting post" short b/c I feel like it's not appropriate for me to be so gitty and excited when our dear friends are suffering w/ the loss of their precious Lilly Claire.
Our shower went extremely well. We had over 50 people come and stay and over 150 gifts given. We are so blessed and forever grateful for all of you who attended or sent gifts. They are ALL precious and special to us. We spent the evening after church putting everything up and were amazed at the generosity and love that was shown to us. Thank you, each one of you! Here is a slideshow of some pics from the shower:

Again, please remember Katie and Whitney in your prayers at this terrible loss in their family,


Sue W said...


I just posted a prayer request for them on my blog too. I grew up going to Wyatt and my family still goes there. My brother and sister in law are good friend with Katie and Whit. My heart hurts for Katie and I will be praying for her and Whit.

Susan Glass Walsworth

Kecia said...

We will pray!

Meredith said...

We will be praying for Whit and Katie during this very hard and very difficult time! I loved the pictures from your shower!

Cassie said...

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