Tuesday, April 28, 2009

34 weeks & Shower Pics!

So, wow!! We have a Honeydew! Today we are 34 weeks pregnant and BOY TO I FEEL ALL 34 WEEKS OF THAT... omg... we go today at 1pm for our "every 2 week" dr. visit so I'm curious to see how much Shelby's grown. Doc said last time that she will probably have grown another pound by the next time he sees me. OMG... that means she could be 5 POUNDS now! I was only 4 lbs 8 oz! geese! I know that's not much, but wow... I am to that "uncomfortable/irritable" stage, I KNOW. I can't get comfy sitting, lying down, sleeping, walking, etc... I JUST FEEL LIKE I'M CARRYING A LOAD OF POTATOES and get no relief. I am now thinking she's gonna come the end of May so I'm not counting the 9 days in June as "time left". June 9th is not that far away, but if she wants to come the end of May, sounds fine to me! haha...
Here are some pics from a dinner-shower (April 21, 2009; 33 weeks pregnant) that some close friends hosted for me and Miss Shelby. It was a lovely, intimate dinner and a great fellowship w/ these girls I don't get to see much anymore. :) Thank you ladies for the lovely evening and wonderful gifts!


Kecia said...

Wecan't wait to see Shelby's face!!
We love you dear Bekah!

Sabrina said...

You look gorgeous! I'm so jealous, I was a whale. I know you're nursery is going to be TDF!