Tuesday, April 14, 2009

32 weeks!!! 8 weeks left!!

Well, today, I am 32 weeks pregnant and feeling all 32 of them! Geese! I am tired, emotional as all get out, feeling large and in charge and nesting like no bodies business! We are on the downhill slope of this now, which shocks me! I told Josh last night, I cannot believe we have maybe only 8 weeks left before we meet Shelby for the first time. I'm terrified! I pray the delivery goes well and uneventful and that we can be the parents she needs us to be. This is a whole new ballgame and un-charted waters so here we go!
I need to clear some things up... my updates regarding my pregnancy are really written on emotional outbursts and a lot of the time I don't really say what I mean and mean what I say b/c I can't put it into words. Some of the things I've written have not come out the way I intended for them to. My "insane outburts" are not to give anyone a bad rap. Every thing I've written lately has been based on hormonal overload I think. haha... I don't mean to complain or fuss about things or anyone. I'm just venting. So, I apologize to anyone I've offended or hurt by my venting sessions. I am now monitoring my "alter ego" Bekah~"B" and will be more mindful of the things I say and post.
So, we go to the dr. thursday!! YEAH!! I'M SOOO EXCITED!! I love hearing her little, that's not so little anymore, heart beat and hearing all is well and so on. It's amazing. I am soo overwhelmed w/ love for this little girl it's unreal. I never dreamed I could love another human being as much as I love Josh but God has overflowed my heart w/ love for him and for Shelby. It's undescribable! I do have to re-take my glucose test Thursday but whatever will be will be. As a dear friend told me, Worrying about tomorrow robs today of its Joy" and I don't want to do that any longer. If I fail the test, then I fail and we go from there. Nothing I can do and if I pass, then WOO HOO... also, I have been doing well on my 1800 calorie-a-day diet, if I may boast, so we'll see if that helped w/ my progressing weight-gain. I hope it has but...worrying over it solves nothing. :)
Oh, best part of this week, we have our MAIN BABY SHOWER THIS SUNDAY (the 19th) at our church, Immanuel Baptist, and I am sooooo excited! This week we've been getting cards and packages in the mail from those who cannot attend from my home town, Texarkana. It's like Christmas!! We are so grateful to be surrounded by so many friends and family through this incredible time in our lives! I hope we haven't taken anyone for granted! We love you all!
~God bless,

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Kecia said...

Oh dear Bekah!!

We uderstand you! And love you sooooo much in Christ!! Cant wait to see Miss Shelby!!