Thursday, April 9, 2009

31 weeks and Some Pics

So I think I've reached the "no-more-energy-cry-24/7" mark of this pregnancy b/c I'm totally exhausted and can lose my ever-lovin mind at the drop of a hat w/ either being irritated, upset, frustrated or crying. I feel like I've lost my mind... I am also feeling larger than life these days, which my Dr. LOVES to remind me about now EVERY 2 WEEKS, and just don't feel attractive in ANY WAY. Pity party? Yeap, that's me!
Here are a few pics from my Phi Mu shower from Sunday that was sooo fun and went well!

Aren't my hostesses pretty? :) The Ladies of Phi Mu did a WONDERFUL job and we are forever grateful for the wonderful gifts and hospitality they showed us!
yeah for double chin's... :( ugh... I am just in a very down mood these days. Not only is Josh STILL gone on his business trip that he comes home from tomorrow (Friday) that he's been on since SATURDAY, but seeing pics of myself makes me want to puke. I am huge and just ugh... My dr's wife likes to inform me that "well, when you're pregnant w/ a girl, you're just pregnant ALL OVER." WELL HONEY, I BELIEVE IT! OMG... I've done well w/ sticking to my 1800 calorie a-day diet but I guess we'll see what the scale says when I go back to the dr. a week from today when I ALSO get to re-take that nasty 1 hour glucose test. Woo hoo... something else I get to look forward to. I'm just down and tired and need a break from everything it seems. I am thankful and blessed to be pregnant, do not take my words as me being ungrateful or negative about being pregnant b/c I'm not at all! I love this baby more than I ever thought I could love another person. I guess it's just all these dang hormones going bananas.
I've still only finished one bag out of the 5 and have only cut out part of an outfit when I found out that my monogrammer's wife, who also does the work too, had a heart attack either last week or the week before so now I'm unsure if I can take these things to her or not... just a huge cluster of stuff goin on and nothing seems to be working out right these days... just pray for my sanity! Sorry for the negativity! :( Just one of those dreary days...


Kecia said...

Oh dear sister! Keep your eyes on Jesus! Just focus o Him... And everything else will fall in to its place... Do this for Shelby!

And for the record... You look amazing! The cutest pregnant we've ever seen! And believe that is true... You are carrying iside of you the mirace of life!!

We love youin Christ... Be blessed in His name!

The shower was so beautiful... You friends did a great job!!

Huge hugs from your brazilian family!

Meredith said...

Aww bless your heart! I will continue to pray for you! Just know it will get better! But about your shower-oh how fun! And I know Jessica and Maribeth! They are so sweet! I know you had such a fun and special time. I am sure Baby Shelby will have wonderful "Phi Mu aunts"!