Tuesday, August 10, 2010

changes are high & low

So boy oh boy is God at work! He's at work in ways I'D NEVER HAVE DREAMED and even ways I would not choose, however, HIS WAYS ARE PERFECT! I have to keep telling myself this or I'll break down. Life is changing and I do not do change well AT ALL.... I've never embraced change very well, as most I'm sure. However, God's change is ALWAYS GOOD and like I put on my Facebook status last night, God is good on the mountain tops and in the DEEP LOW valleys!
So, the change in my life is amazing and UNREAL to think of but I can't share it just yet but just know God is definitly hearing the cries of His children and He is in control of EVERY part of our lives! :)
Change is also occuring that's hurtful and heartbreaking in our lives but again, God is still God and is still good. Just pray for His children to follow HIM and not man.

Another "change" is that Bizzy B's is branching out into making more items that are not children-related!! I am in the process of making clutches, zipper bags, checkbook covers, cosmetic cases, jewelry bags, etc.... MORE ITEMS FOR THE MOM/WOMAN and not the kiddos! :)Don't get me wrong, I'll still be doing bows, kid outfits, wipe cases & diaper bags, but I've been encouraged (Thx Nichole!) to use ALL OF MY CREATIVITY and do more items for women and not necessarily for just mom's! :) So.... here's some items I will be making (these are not my pictures and are examples of the designs I will be doing but will have my special touch! all pictures came from etsy.com)
These clasps are on their way from China to my workspace!! Vintage clutch clasps!!
I can't wait to get these babies in my hands!!!!

this is an example of the size of the clutch I will initially sell:

My clutches will have vintage clasps and added details like sewn flowers, vintage broaches, pins, etc...
You will also have the option to have a matching zipper coin purse and checkbook cover to match your clutch! :) Tomorrow is my sewing day so look for pics to come soon of the new creations! I am still patiently waiting on the clasps so I HOPE to receive them soon!! :)
I have been commissioned to make a clutch, zipper coin purse & checkbook cover for an auction in Indiana to benefit the children's hospital there! :) I"m soo stoaked! It is due before Oct. 1st so I've got PLENTY of time! I am taking orders now for any and all type of designs! 1st come, 1st served! I do work according to when I receive the orders(which includes payment). My list is quickly taking off! :) God is soo good and SO ARE HIS CHANGES IN OUR LIVES!
You know I can't end a post w/o talking about Shelby and posting at least 1 pic of her! She is now an official walker and is VERY good at it and can wear her squeaky shoes! They are a little big still (she's in the in-between size of a 3-4 shoe) but are soo cute on her! Mom bought her RAZORBACK SQUEAKY SHOES FROM SHOE BOX HERE AND THEY ARE ADORABLE! They are maryjanes w/ little red and black flowers on the strap!! :) Sooo cute!!!! She's also A LOT MORE VOCAL these days! She's a huge mocker as well! It's soo fun and she's growing TOO TOO FAST!

She will be 14 months old on Thursday!!!

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