Tuesday, August 31, 2010

NEW! Coin Purse

So this is item #1 of 3 for the October Indiana auction. I have mentioned before about this auction but in case you're lost, it's an auction in Indiana to benefit the Children's Hospital there and a lady contacted me after talking w/ Nichole to donate some items to be auctioned off so what a better time to introduce my new items than now! I will be doing a coordinating clutch w/ vintage clasp as well as a matching checkbook cover, which by the way, WILL BE SHOWN AS A TUTORIAL SOON! :) STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFO. ON THE CHECKBOOK TUTORIAL TO BE SHOWCASD!!
My original idea doing the coin purse backfired; remember I DO NOT use patterns or other's designs, I invision it and create it! That's my process! My ideas usually come to me during my sleep which keeps me from sleeping....lol... so anyway, the original idea was goin great until I realized, OMG THIS WILL NOT FIT UNDER MY MACHINE FOOT (sewing machine foot that is) AND IT WILL HAVE TO BE COMPLETELY HANDSEWN!! Good thing my mom taught me how, so this coin purse is VERY ORIGINAL AND COMPLETELY AND LITERALLY handmade and is all sewn by my two VERY SORE hands and 10 fingers.

The Zipper Coin purse can be done in ANY fabrics or colors you prefer. It measures: 5" wide x 4" tall and fits your drivers license as well as all your other plastics, coins & cash, and all those little bitties you don't wanna lose! I added a little extra last minute, a loopy strap to tote it around.
For any other questions, please message, comment or email me!
~God bless,

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Kecia said...

Wow! Those are really great! Love them!