Tuesday, August 3, 2010

short & sweet

So this week I volunteered to help w/ our Children's Day Camp at our church so I'm MIA from blogger this week as well as from sewing, cleaning, etc... BUT NEW BIZZY B'S MERCHANDISE IS TO COME AND IN THE WORKS!!! I will let you know more and give you sneak peaks to come later :)...basically when I have time to be creative w/ pictures lol.... so....just a mini update real quick
* shelby's no longer crawling; FULLY WALKING/RUNNING
* still miss Nichole & Cambry daily/hourly; plannin to see them in Oct. or Nov.
* got a phone call to make items for an auction in Indiana in Oct. to benefit the Children's Hospital there
* new designs are exclusively for those that may or not be mom's and need a little something for themselves that DOESN'T hold wipes, bottles, rattles, yogurt melts/puffs, or diapers! :) Interested? :) wanna see?? :)
here's a hint...

the rest is up to your imagination and...
wait... :)
can't think of anything else just yet....
**OH there's one more NEW thing happening in my life but it's a secret and not ready to be told to the world yet (NO I'M NOT PREGNANT SO DELETE THAT FR YOUR MIND NOW!)!! :)

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