Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Melting heart

Not only do these eyes pierce my soul but Shelby now gives hugs to any and everyone!! She is sooo passionate and loving!! I am soo blessed to have such a caring and social child that is soooo vivid in her tiny little body already! She also cracks me up w/ her giggles and vivacious personality that she expresses 24/7!! She's ALMOST running so WORLD, WATCH OUT!! She's to that stage that she wants "down" to walk and explore on her own, which is great but also sad b/c she's becoming more and more independant and less dependant on us :(....I know someday I'll have to let her go, but for now, I cherish that she still lets me rock her to sleep for naps and bedtime and runs to me when she's hurt or sad or needs love!
Thank you God for this amazing little ENORMOUS miracle you allow us to teach and love each day!

~God bless,

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