Monday, August 30, 2010

And the winner is..."WOOT WOOT"


Thanks so much Alisha for entering and for being such a great participant! :) If you will, email me your address where I can ship the finished zipper coin purse to you! :)
Alisha so kindly wrote:
"I love your work and now I am a follower.
My favorite pattern is the Amy Butler Modern Garden Maze in Lime. Love her prints!
I also just added your blogspot link on my blog for others!"
I also love that Amy Butler print too Alisha!
I want to do a giveaway once a month, maybe, so I HOPE to have more participants for next month's so spread the word!!

So, my dear friend from Brazil I've been missing since I lost her blog link and couldn't remember it, ADDED ME ON FACEBOOK LAST WEEK AND WE ARE REUNITED ONCE AGAIN!! YEAH!! I've prayed for Kecia and her sweet sweet family continuously and have never forgotten her, especially when I see my Brazilian soap on my bathroom soap dish each morning and evening! So...Kecia sent me the link to her blog again and also this AMAZINGLY HEART-WARMING poem she wrote the day Shelby was born!! Kecia writes:

"I saw this on my blog today and i remembered that i wrote it for Shelby on the day she was born...


You came like a sweet miracle;
A special present to 2 longing hearts;
The reason for laughter, after a hard long wait.
You came to touch hearts, here and afar...

On June 12 the Angels sang a new song.
Congratulating a blessed couple for their new born.
Like Abraham and Sarah their received a new meaning for laughter... Their Isaac, their treasure.

For you sweet Shelby, deserts where crossed...
Dragons where slayed...
Castles where conquered...
Because of you... A new kingdom was made!

Sweet Princess Shelby... Welcome to the world


My heart completely jumped outta my chest and I am sooo thankful for sweet "family" like this in my life and as a support system! Thank you Lord for Kecia and for her sweet family across the sea! I am soo posting this poem on Shelby's page!

Ok, so onto the explanation of the "Woot Woot"....

for some reason when I get excited I say, "Woot Woot"! I'm not sure's mainly on Facebook & text messages...What's funny is that Mollie has picked up on this and brought to my attention the other day on FB when I posted something in regards to how many days I had left till my last day of work and how Shelby wasn't sick anymore and she said, "you left off the 'Woot Woot.", I've decided to do a blog graphic for my Woot Woot moments!, here's what you can do, you can let me know via comment to this post if you would like to add the "Can I get a Woot Woot" to your blog and let me know and I hope to make a Linky post of all who want to do this!
I think it's funny and we can all post what makes us go "Woot Woot!" I'm easily amused so it doesn't take much for me! LOL...

Well, today marks Day 1 of the SAHMood!! :) "WOOT WOOT!"
~God bless,


sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Aww I can't believe I missed this!! I'm so behind on blogs and got excited when I saw the giveaway. Maybe next month I'll be more on the ball! :) And what a sweet poem...amazing keepsake!! Hope being a SAHM is going well! :)

Shannon said...

Your blog is so adorable! I'm so glad I stumbled across it. Your sweet lil' is so precious! Funny that you say woot, woot! I say woo! woo!, everyone's got their own saying I suppose. Hope you are having a great start to the week!

Alisha Brady said...

I am sooooo excited and definitely spreading the word! I do some of the same things you do but can't imagine tackling the coin purses! You are truly talented. Emailing you my email now!

Alisha Brady said...

I am so excited! I am definitely spreading the word!

Kecia said...

I'm so touched... Thank you so much for reading the poem... It came from my heart and believe me when i say that we love you sweet family,we REALLY DO! We pray for you and hope that all that is pure,great and blessed be with you today and aways!