Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July Camping Fun

This past weekend we went camping w/ my mom & dad and Shelby had a ball! It rained every day (we were there Thursday thru Sat.) but it was still fun! Shelby is now walking :(! It's bittersweet but so funny to watch her!It's surreal to see her this big! I never realized that when you say, "time flies & they grow so fast" that THAT'S ACTUALLY TRUE! OMG!

It's soo surreal to see 3 camping chairs instead of 2! :) She's such a little person now and A TODDLER! :( sooo fun & love everyday of my life! "Bliss" is how I feel everyday I wake up! PURE BLISS! When I hear Shelby wake up, my "bliss" is full-throttle and 100%! I walk in and she's standing in her bed smiling and waving her sweet little wave at me and I go up to her and she gives me a hug, EVERY MORNING! Life can't get any better than this! If Josh and I were to lose everything and just have each other & Shelby, I would still be happy & praising God for everyday b/c life is not about possessions or who has the best car or house or nicest clothes or jewelry/shoes, even though those things are nice, it's about the ones you love and those who love you and praising God for these blessings in your life everday!

Who can resist this?! I mean really?! Is this my child? Whoever can declare there IS NO GOD IS INSANE b/c seeing this, JUSTIFIES IT 100% if there's any doubt! Only God can create something this gorgeous and wonderful! This is our old trailer that is now mom & dad's and then that is our new-used motorhome that we call, "The Rolling Turd" (if you've not seen the movie RV, then you're unsure why we call it this so I recommend you see it! Robin Williams...that's all I can say! LOL)! The motorhome is soo much easier and fitting w/ Shelby now! We just load up our clothes and food and go, park it, plug it in and we're set!

I tried uploading the video of her walking but Blogger kept giving me an error so any input any of you have to help, IS appreciated!
~God bless,


Ginger said...

The last time I had trouble uploading a video I just logged out and we I came back the next time it loaded fine. I don't know if it were my computer/internet that was acting up or their site. So I would say try it again later and it may work fine.

MomsTheWord said...

Just found your blog through Mom blogs. SO cute! I love the pic of the three lawn chairs. It says a lot.