Monday, July 26, 2010

Lives Forever Changed

So we are saddly back from Memphis, TN. IT WAS AMAZING!!! MY LIFE IS FOREVER CHANGED FOR THE BETTER! Not only has God placed a WONDERFUL family, THAT I KNEW WAS WONDERFUL before we met, in our lives to be friends with through phone calls & Facebook but He allowed us to meet this family in person and we are never going to be the same! We've already began planning the 2nd trip! :)
We came from Magnolia to Memphis (4 hours) while The Hawkins came from Indiana (6 hours). Nichole and I have known each other (through email, phone calls, texts, & Facebook) since we were pregnant w/ our girls and we just sealed the deal this weekend! Meeting her in person was the most excitement I've had in a long time! She is JUST as I thought she'd be! Cambry Paige is the cutest little thing, next to Shelby, I've laid my eyes on! We laughed and said Cambry waddles like a duck when she walks and Shelby walks like a Teradactile (sp?) lol... It was surreal seeing a child that's the same age (Cambry's 7 days younger than Shelby) and stages as Shelby! It was also nice traveling and hanging out w/ parents in the same stage of life as we are too who FULLY understand the schedules of life right now. We had a blast and really just relaxed! It was really hard to leave yesterday but "absense make sthe heart grow fonder" right? I am so blessed to have 3 BFF's (Josh, Nichole & Lydia) so thank you God for these wonderful people in my life!
Meeting Nichole felt like we've known each other forever!
here's a slideshow of all the fun we had:

~God bless,

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The DeLongstockings said...

So glad that you and Nichole (and Shelby & Cambry) finally got to meet in person. How fun! You are so lucky to have found another Mama/kindred spirit that you connect with so completely. I'm so happy for you both! Thanks for posting pics :)