Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Good morning! Today was an early one but good considering I was awakened to Shelby needing her "momma." She's been having nightmares a lot this week around 2a.m. every morning and such was the case again last night but she also decided to wake up at 6:45a.m. as well so I'm a bit wiped but thankful it's her that awakened me :)! I have TRULY found my calling.

I was chatting w/ my friend (who I get to meet for the 1st time July 23rd!!) Nichole yesterday and was telling her how I've never been the "motherly" type. Lydia can testify to this as well! I was the one who was happy as the 2 of us, happy w/o kids, happy not being around kids, etc... God OBVIOUSLY did a work in me b/c I'M THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE! Not only am I FULLY engrossed and addicted to my sweet Shelby Lynne, but I'm the Assistant Nursery worker for Nursery 2 at church (walking to 2 or 3 yrs old), helped in Crafts at VBS, Crafts Coordinator for our Mission VBS coming up in Waldo, AR, LOVE to hold babies, do the baby-talk thing, play, read & FULLY focus on Shelby & other kids needs, etc... I AM A MOM! WOW... I never would have thought I'd be satisfied as being labeled as a "Mom." I am IN LOVE FULLY, HEAD-FIRST, ALL-IN!
I've also done a 180 as a wife too! I LOVE cleaning, cooking (learning!), and being a housewife!! :) I also have fallen in love w/ dresses!!! LOL... If you knew me before Shelby, I HARDLY EVER wore dresses! lol.. Now, it's odd if a day doesn't go by w/o me in some type of dress! LOL.. I do need a cute apron so I think that maybe my next project to sew/create (after the few orders I have of course!)! LOL...
I've also seen a negative change in myself as well. I get over-engaged as a mom and forget about my calling as a wife 1st. I admit, I am not the wife I used to be and I do neglect Josh b/c of Shelby's needs. This balance is something I'm having a hard time doing but I'm trying. It's tough but I do feel God has a plan for me. I am taking it day by day to become the woman & wife Josh needs me to be b/c he needs me just as much as Shelby does. I am working on my attitude & tone I take w/ him as well as the "little things" in life. I am trying to be more understanding, listen FULLY to him, be engaged in his interests and not take anything or any time with him for granted. I fall in love with him more and more every day and especially when I see him w/ Shelby.

Please pray for these challenges in my life and for God to continue to do a work in us!
here's some cutie pics of my little Tooda...(we now call her Tooda Tooda Pumpkin Nooda...dunno why, but we
"See my boo boo's?" she had to have 5 SHOTS last week for her 1 yr vaccines! THEY'VE NEVER given her shots in her arms and for the 1st time she got them there she got 2 IN EACH ARM (1 in the leg)! She's never cried or gotten upset w/ any shots she's had, which I always thought was strange...but MAN OH MAN! SHE MADE UP FOR A YEAR'S WORTH OF NOT CRYING IN JUST 10 MIN. W/THESE! She even pointed at the nurse and squalled, like she was telling on her to me! lol.. poor baby... In this pic I asked her to show me her Boo Boo's and SHE DID! LOL

OH AND Shelby's walking more!! For the first time yesterday, she would hold my hand and walk w/ me! I put her baby's baby stroller together that her Uncle Wes & Aunt Ashley gave her for her birthday and it's helping to encourage her to walk A LOT! However she does put her baby in it and then grab her, throw her out and tries to sit in it herself! LOL..but she took her baby for a stroll w/ Mommy & Daddy the night before down the sidewalk & driveway!

It's very difficult to see her growing so fast but I LOVE THIS AGE & STAGE in her life! She knows what we say, I know what she says & wants (95% of the time) & she's still cuddly & yet independant! PERFECT BLEND!! If I could get pregnant, give birth to a 5 month old, I'D HAVE LIKE 6 KIDS! LOL...

~God bless,

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