Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy girls...

When I think of "Happiness" I immediately think of God, Josh, Shelby and the dear friends who are close to us.
"Happy girls are the prettiest girls ~Audrey Hepburn"

Nichole is extremely talented in making jewelry, as you've seen, but SHE BLEW MY MIND W/ THIS:

SHE MADE THIS!!! The flowers, the details, the picture, ALL OF IT! She left the top part blank b/c she said, "OK, so I can't paint and you can so you'll have to do that part." LOL... so funny! Well, being the 24/7 creative-thinker that I am, IT HIT ME lyin in bed last night! I have several pieces of vinyl from Shelley and JUST KNEW the Audrey Hepburn quote would work! It MORE THAN WORKED, it was PERFECT! I had to cut the "girls" part off the end and put it below but other than that, IT FIT! It's even the perfect shade of pink!

I hung it on the wall you see when you walk by & enter Shelby's room as soon as you enter in! I now can be reminded and see Nichole & Cambry every morning and every evening as I lie her down to sleep & dream. This piece of artwork is Nichole, Cambry, Shelby & myself all in one and I AM TOUCHED to have this true treasure! Thank you Nichole! I love you & MISS YOU SO! Our next trip can't get here soon enough!
~God bless,

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