Wednesday, July 21, 2010


(Ok so when I say "OMG" I mean "OH My Gosh/ Goodness"; just to let ya know!)
Shelby's been having Night Terrors off and on for like 2 weeks now and it's BAAADDD!! Last night she flipped out and was kicking, slappin, crying, screaming & just FURIOUS!!! No idea why but at 3am this started and it didn't stop until almost 5am! AAAHHHHHH but she woke up smiling & happy w/ her pap pap in my face saying "Momma Momma!" LOL...silly girl...

So that was a negative OMG but on the positive OMG, we are going to Memphis this weekend to meet Nichole!!! :) Soo excited!! Nichole and I have been BFF internet friends since we were pregnant w/ our girls and have gotten closer since our girls were born. we talk almost everyday on the phone, Facebook or through texting. Our girls are 6 days apart and so we can't wait to see them together and how they act!! Nichole and I are SOOO INCREDIBLY similar and so this is just icing on the cake!! :) There will be TONS of pics to come from this weekend!

Sorry i've not updated my blog's been nuts and a lot of changes are going on! :) Pray for me and our family as God is moving INCREDIBLY IN OUR LIVES RIGHT NOW in directions I NEVER DREAMED OF!

And I STILL can't get a video uploaded to ANYTHING so by the pics, you can tell, WE HAVE A WALKER NOW!
~God bless,

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