Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Welcome to the Kee Zoo Max!

We've added a member to the Kee's!! We now have 4 PETS....Max the beagle, Figaro the calico cat, Sassy Pants the dwarf hamster and Winky the albino goldfish....yes i'm insane and admit that :)

A dear friend and coworker of Josh's raises beagles for hunting rabbits and in fact has 8 or 9! Max was too lovey and special to just be in a pin with his buddies and was always wanting to be next to his master so Dr. Miller and Miss Fonda decided that Shelby would be the perfect "master" for Max.  He's amazing! He's so gentle, sweet, lovey, calm, GOOD and unique! He's 2 years old and is THE perfect size for us.  He's only barked maybe 4 times and it's been at Figaro trying to get her to play which ended up in a nose swat most the time! hehee...
He adores us and we adore him! He will get in ALL our laps and just snuggle us and love on us... He doesn't jump up on people, he minds (most the time; but is getting use to us as his new masters), loves to play and be around us all the time and will be a lifelong friend! :)
Isn't he cute?!!

this was on the ride home from getting Max from Jeff and Fonda. She said, "Mommy! Take my picture with Max like this!" heeheee

Shelby had me draw a picture of her two favorite dogs, Max and Tebow, so she could paint them..she DID SOOO WELL!!

Max was in my lap, where Fig usually is, and this is AS CLOSE she would get

We love you Max and feel like you've always been a Kee!
Thank you again Jeff & Fonda for such an AMAZING dog!

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