Monday, April 30, 2012

Relay for Life Kitty

 Wow, so Shelby never ceases to amaze and excite me! She had a BLAST dancing for the FIRST TIME at Relay for Life Friday night.  Her little tap class (which I can't brag enough is the 3-4 yr old class and yes, she's not 3 yet so she's advanced because Miss Karen said she needed to be!) was 6th or 7th in the line-up to dance and it was HILARIOUS watching Sheebee mimic EVERY SINGLE DANCE FROM EACH GROUP all the while me keeping her off the "stage (which was just the concrete at the track)" so the class could dance.  She was soo excited and clapped for each class and said, "Did you see dem mommie? they did sooo goood!" hahaha.... memories....
Her tap class danced to the Siamese Cats song off of Lady and the Tramp but it was remixed into a hip-hop-like version and was sooooo stinkin cute! And the costume.... OMG.... MELT-WORTHY-CUTE! My favorite part was towards the end of the routine, which I didn't know they did this, they cross their arms and nod their heads like, "yeah, we're cool! " hahaha soo cute!!!

this was Shelby practicing and "stretching" at home before her debut...

 Posing soo pretty! Left the tutu off til we got there to keep it nice and poofy
 Checkin out the other girls in their "preeeety costumes"

 "heel, step.."

 "squish da bug"
 "yeah, i'm cute! uh huh"  thanks Deborah for getting this cute pic!
 "heel step"
 "meow!" thanks Angela for gettin this "sniper shot"
 "yeah! they did so good, huh Josie?!"
And my favorite "sniper shot" thanks to Angela...
This was RIGHT WHEN she ran as fast as she could after her dance was done, into my arms saying, "I DID IT I DID IT MOMMIE!! YEAH!!"
I couldn't video, because my iPhone shattered and this loaner phone is sooo hard to figure out, but these pics are PRICELESS and we can't WAIT til Recital, May 11th!!

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Mrs. Claus said...

Such cute pictures!! Love it!!!