Saturday, April 7, 2012


We are sooo excited that this Easter Shelby truly can understand what Easter is really about and so we've been telling her the Story of Christ's Resurrection and that Easter is also fun but it's most importantly about Christ dying for our sins and rising again 3 days later and living in our hearts. She loves for me to read and do the Resurrection Eggs with her. It's sooo cool that she can even tell me the story!!

Here's a new project she and I did this year. An Easter Garden. It's always fun to do visual lessons with Shelby and so this one was really fun because we got to plant and have a nature hunt for our Garden!
There's a Garden where Jesus prayed, Golgatha, the cross, the path to the tomb, the tomb, inside the tomb the slab where He laid and the stone that WILL BE rolled away when Shelby gets up because HE IS RISEN!!

Christ is Alive!!!!!!!
More Easter pics to come...

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