Sunday, April 15, 2012

Shelby and her first fishing trip

Still needing blog help. So I'm beyond sick about my iPad approach blog with any tips? What app do u use?
Pictures. Well I love to show pics of the things I love most. I also don't scrapbook or journal, except my Quiet Times I journal those to God, so this is my memory book to show what went on in our lives and to look back on.
Last weekend, Easter Sunday afternoon to be exact, we all decided to go fishing at a friends pond. This was the first time Shelby has been and LOVED it!!! She caught 6 and even got to see DaaDee catch a catfish, he caught 5. She had so much fun and to see her light up and get so excited was worth it all! I tend to take these moments for granted.
Lord, let me be like a child and be excited to fish for You and bring the lost to Your Kingdom!

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