Friday, September 26, 2008


My friend, Becky, that works on campus here sent me some GREAT shots she got at the rodeo last night! Course, the one part I wanted to see (bull riding) happened after we left (we left at 9pm and it STILL wasn't over!). Oh well, at least I can see it was some GREAT RIDING!


Ok, so we had a BLAST at the SAU Rodeo last night! It was perfect weather and a clear sky but the only bad thing was that 2 kids from other colleges got seriously hurt. One got stepped on by a bronco he fell off of and had a gash in his head and another kid from Tennessee, I think, fell off his bare back bronco and we thought he was dead. He was limp and started having convulsions. It was truly scary. They took them both to the hospital. We spoke w/ the on-call medic at the rodeo and he said they will both be fine that it wasn't anything seriously life-threatening so I felt better knowing that. Another downfall, Josh slipped and fell between one of the bleacher seats and cut and bruised up BOTH shines really bad. I didn't even see him do it. :( I don't know what I was doing to miss it.
Well, and I did what I said I'd probably do, forgot my camera... :( Maybe our school photographer could send me some pics. I'm good friends w/ her so once I get 'em I'll post 'em! :)
All in all, it was a great evening out w/ my hubby, even though I'M SOOO NOT a cowgirl. Haha. The only boots I own, and yes I wore them, have beading and shiney things all over them. Haha... leave it to me to have bling boots! haha..
~God Bless

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DeAnna said...

Cool pictures -- never been to a rodeo and I think I'll stay away, my 4 year old would probably decide she wants to do this. :)

Just noticed on your side bar the little crochet hats -- you crochet too?? Those are beautiful! Wish I could learn to do that. Of course, then would store up yarn in my house and not mess with it for months like I've done with all my fabric. lol! :)