Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dr. Appt. Update

Wow, thank you to those who have kept us in your prayers as well as posted such sweet comments on my blog. That truly means a lot!
The appt. went fine. I made the world record for the shortest dr.'s appointment EVER! I was there at 5 till 9 and was OUT IN MY CAR AT 9:11am!! wow! He was under the impression that I had started my pd (again; which last time I was on my pd at the appt. and VERY MUCH SO avoided that this time) which I have not started my pd yet (2 days from today is when it's expected) so he went ahead, went out of his way actually, to go ahead and check me for cysts ( NO CYSTS STILL :) YEAH!!) and said that I could be pg but it's too early to tell. He said to wait and see if I do start but went ahead and gave me another prescription for Clomd (50mg) Just in case. He kept smiling when he said that, which he is not a "smiley" person. I dunno. I felt a lot better afterwards because he could have made me come back and blah blah blah but went ahead and went out of his way. He gave NO intimacy advice! :) yeah!!!! I'M SICK TO DEATH OF THAT! Haha...He said, "just wait and see...if your pd doesn't show, take a test in 2 weeks. *smile*". I felt a lot more at-ease and had peace.
I'm not getting my hopes up because even though my chart looks great and my temps are still high, I've been known to have a plummeting temperature the day off after having really high temps till then and BAM.. aunt flo so i'm not getting my hopes up too much but I PRAY for this peace to continue. :)
Again, thanks for all ur prayers and concerns! :) I TRULY felt them today! I listened to KLove all the way to Texarkana and all around town and then all the way home and just sang praises to Him and cried and cried... I feel true release and emotional calamity now.
~God Bless

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Mandi said...

So happy to hear you are experiencing His peace! Keep us posted. (: