Friday, September 12, 2008

Pink Tiger

Hello! IT'S FRIDAY! WOO HOO!! Just wanted to start my morning off w/ a big "woo hoo." haha..
Well, I FINALLY made a bag with me in mind! :) haha.. This TOTALLY matches my personality, as a friend has told me, and it matches the Checkbook Cover I did! I haven't done a bag with detailing like this before so I was SUPER pumped last night when I finished it and it looked EXACTLY how I pictured it would in my head! I hope you all enjoy it and incase you can't tell, this is my new favorite fabric! haha. This can be made in any shape, colors, fabrics, prints, etc... you might want so it's not limited to just this! Have a great and wonderful Friday!
This is what the two bows on the front look like up-close:
The inside has 5 pockets but can have as many as you want:
Here's the Bag with it's matching Checkbook Cover:

God Bless


Jeff, Lauren, Graham & peanut said...

Ok - you are REALLY good! (But we already knew that!) My ribbon NEVER sews down that smooth...and if I use an iron-on adhesive, you can usually see where it is b/c the ribbon turns shiny on the opposite side of the adhesive.
Love the purse!! :)

Amy (Metz) Walker said...

Very cute!