Monday, September 22, 2008

Deer Woods Decor

Ok so I know the title made you laugh... haha...
I found these GORGEOUS feathers in the deer woods yesterday while riding four-wheelers w/ Josh and my in-laws; we were scoping out to see if any deer had been in their hunting grounds. I think they are simply GORGEOUS and found one at first then 2 more the longer we rode. I couldn't resist sticking one in my ponytail like Pocahontas and yes, I did wear it for a while until I almost lost it on a low tree branch then I took it out because I could not lose my treasure! I was soo excited to fine 2 more because when I decorate, I always decorate in 3's! That's the college art degree in me! 3 is better and more co-hesive than 1 or 2 or 4. Just more eye-appealing. :) Guess I did pay attention in class! hahaha. Anyway, the question at hand is, what kind of bird did these come from?? My father-in-law and husband say they are from Turkies!? Are they?
Ok, a little background on me and my fear of turkies. When I was 6, we went to the fair, like we always did, and visited Old McDonald's farm and I was attacked, yes, attacked by a white turkey and to this day, I'm terrified of them!, to get my revenge on the children-attacking turkies of the USA, I decided to use their feathers as decorations on my mantel. :) haha.. my job here is done!

~God Bless


Mandi said...


I found your blog through a comment you left on Kelly's blog...hope you don't mind me posting a comment.

I know all too well the way a heart aches when it longs for a child. Infertility is the most painful experience I've been through so far. The verse Kelly left on her blog today is very encouraging and SO true! I also really like Ephesians 3:20.

A few weeks ago I posted The Wait Poem on my blog. This poem really encouraged me and helped me to better understand why God sometimes has us wait for something. He has proven Himself so faithful to me and He is SO worthy of our trust.

Lord, I lift up Bekah to you and ask that you be the God of all comfort to her right now. Give her peace and joy in the journey as she waits for You to reveal the plans you have for her family. Amen

I'm going to continue following your story and I can't wait to see what God is going to do!!!

Kecia said...

Hello... Saw your blog through a comment you left in Mandi's blog... I just want to say that,your pain is now my pain too! I'll be praying for you and all my family also will! And in Jesus name everything will be acornding to His will that is perfect and nice!!
Love you in Christ!!
An rememer,there is a shout of prayers rising to heaven in your behalf,all the way from BRAZIL!!