Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Woot Woot Wednesday

So today I got all my orders that had deadlines finished!! Woot Woot!! I finished 2 checkbook covers and 2 camera straps!
Checkbook Covers:

These camera straps are sewn to the actual strap

Interior part (the side that you wear)

They all turned out sooooooo good and I've got a diaper bag and wipe case set I'm waiting on to be finished monogramming and then I'll show it to ya! It's for a boy!!!!! I must say, it's verrrrrrryyyyyy cute!!!! Turquoise, mustard-greenish-yellow and chocolate brown!!!
I'm also thrilled that Sandi won the giveaway Lori was hosting and she received a $30 gift card to Bizzy B's!!! I am sooo excited because Sandi is a great friend and lady to know! She goes to the same church we do and is such an inspirational face to see each Wed. And Sun.! Contests Sandi and thanks Lori for asking me to be apart! Glad you're feeling better too!!

I will be closed to sewing from now until I get back from Indiana, which if you missed that post, go Here
I will be taking orders just not sewing any for a week :)
Please feel free to email, text message, comment, or facebook me with questions. Right now, the list is free (except for one diaper bag set) so now is a great time to order cause I can do anything!

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