Friday, March 18, 2011

Springtime beauty

Today was a great day spent just calmly going throughout the day with the activities planned but before we hit the schedule Shelby and I played outside since it was just the right temp this morning!

It was sooo fun seeing Shelby react to God's creation! The bees buzzed her, the birds flew around and everything through her eyes was beautiful! I love those treasured little moments where I can see through her and appreciate life for what it truly is...

I must add pics of shelby's Fashionista Clip. Yes, I made it and it's one of my favorites!!!!

Not everyone can pull it off but Shelby can!
Preparations are under way for Indiana!!!! :) downloading LoTS of mickey mouse and yo gabba gabba and Dora for the plane ride! Lol thank goodness Josh found out I can download movies to my iPad!:) yeah!!!

O I also got my hair colored this afternoon and a trim. No more red! Just dark and chocolates! I'll take a pic when it's fixed and I'm not in my pjs lol...

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