Thursday, March 31, 2011

I've been very Bizzy this week

Wow...this week has flown by it seems! Which is good b/c I've been mourning leaving Indiana everyday. I've kept myself busy with playing with Shelby, cleaning, washing clothes (which I've yet to finish) and sewing... I've finished a lot this week!
Here's all I've done this week...
Razorback Wipe Case

Baby boy diaper bag set ( diaper bag with 6 interior pockets and a wipe case)

This diaper bag has 4 different fabrics used on the outside! I don't get asked to do very many boy bags so this was soooo fun!!!!

And last but not least an outfit for MY DAUGHTER! I know! Shocker! I rarely get to sew for her and for fun where I have no limits but when I'm waiting on fabrics to come in for the orders I do have I decided to make use of my day (Shelby goes to Miss Minna's on Wed. while I sew on that day and do things for me).
Peasant dress 2t and matching NEW Vintage Ruffle clip.

These are the TRUE colors...

The "vintage" part are the jewels. This was an earring of my grandmas and I only use her pieces on items I do not sell. I cannot bear to part with any of them but love to see them put to use so I use them on things for Shelby or myself or family. This little clip is made from a new idea I had while I was ruffling some ribbon and thought I'd make it into a flower and needed some pop of teal to match the dress so I added some tulle and a delicate feather. I love how it turned out! I think this will be shelby's Sunday outfit! I'll pair the dress up with some leggings since it's still cool here. Oh and one more new thing from this week...well its used but new to us...

No more Malibu! Josh found me my dream car, Cadillac CTS!! I loveeee it! I have never loved a car, other than the VW Bug I had, than this one. Perfect combo of size and style for us! It also is loaded with the Luxury Package! I've always told Josh I'm not a min-van momma but never dreamed I'd be a Caddy Cutie! We've already named it...The BatMobile. Haha Josh named it that b/c of all the gadgets and whistles it has. Lol...any hoo....
Glad to see the sun again but hating what it's doin to shelby's allergies!

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A Plain Path said...

Love the new car!!! Congrats!