Friday, March 11, 2011

Thrush day 2 (Friday) was better.... Shelby acted more like herself and played a lot so praying she sleeps b/c she didn't the last night (thurs.), AT ALL!!!! So even though today was good, momma and daddy are tired and daddy had to drive to Little Rock! However, look at how much better her lip looks, which the inside does too....
Today (Friday):

Yesterday, when we diagnosed her (thurs.):

I think its funny i got her to make this face not just once but twice to take her picture!! Hahaha
It's just red and still raw but no new blisters or white patches! Intact, the white patches are gone! Thank you Nystatin and Amoxicillin! However, we are not thankful for you keeping Shelby up all night and makin her wired!!!

Ahhhh today was sooo nice nit hearing construction and I got to clean!!! No more dust anywhere! I cleaned every cabinet door, door facing, baseboard, etc...all thats left that's dirty is the now 2 week overdue laundry since we couldn't do it b/c it would just get dirty from the construction while I was doing it...ugh...but I love not walk in on dust anymore!!! Gotta mop the bathroom again though b/c it's still dusty after a lot of hard mopping! The shower is done (except for the glass) and will be used as soon as the grout dries!!! :) cleaning all this wiped me out along w/ no sleep from the Thrush fairy but I still can't sleep! Lol
Please pray for Shelby, and us....we are now back at square one w/ her eating and sleeping again. She has never slept or eaten well and was just getting to where she was eating and sleeping but now we are back in the " newborn days" all over again.... I'm trying to be strong but I'm tired and feel defeated...

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